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Thread: Opinion needed

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    Opinion needed

    Have an opportunity to buy a 2005 WaveRunner fx with about 800 hours on it. New battery, recent oil changes done. Trailer included, no tears on seat

    Should I go for it?
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    800 miles?....interesting....
    Or could it be 800 hours?
    Inquiring minds would like to know?

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    Oops 800 hours

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    I have herd they go 1000s of hours. but I have ZERO experience.

    my GP1200 had 100 hours and sold at 150
    my 09 FZR had 102 hours on it and sold ar 149.5
    my 16 FZ had 19.5 on it and now 21.5 ha

    I average 25-40 a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jooooshwa View Post
    Have an opportunity to buy a 2005 WaveRunner fx with about 800 hours on it. New battery, recent oil changes done. Trailer included, no tears on seat

    Should I go for it?
    Take it to a dealer and pay to have it looked over, a seller can tell you anything just to get you to buy it. Ask the seller if he is willing to pay for the inspection and if you like the ski and buy it, you will pay for the inspection.

    That is a lot of hours.......

    Good luck to you and welcome to the forum.

    C J

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    How much is it? If it's 2k then go for it. If it's $3500 then NO.

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    That ski in good condition with average hours has a low retail value of $3600 in my area.

    I believe most PWC's get ridden about 50 hours a year. So although 800 is high, it is also quite average for that many years of use.

    You don't get 800 hours on a ski unless you take care of it.

    It's worth looking in to if it's a good price...I wouldn't want to pay more than $2500 w/o trailer.

    Trailer value also varies...age, condition, material (steel/galvanized steel/aluminum), tires, etc.

    As stated in the previous post, take it to a qualified technician to have them check it out.

    AT A MINIMUM, water test it.

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    Most likely it was a rental. If so, it was serviced regularly but the hull may be dinged up. Inspect it carefully. Aftermarket seat covers are big sellers, so it may not be original.

    I've owned 23 'Skis (I think). Only 3 were purchased new. The used ones generally had very little run time on them. Typically, people use them the most the first year. Less the second year. The third year, life happens and they don't use them at all... It sits in the back yard for 5 or 6 years and the wife finally says it has to go. Then they think it's worth what they paid for it because it has so few hours on it.

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    800 seems like a lot of hours for a jet ski. Personally it would have to cheap for me to consider it.

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    How much?

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