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    Yes, change pistons. You don't want that circlip design in your engine. In case your not familiar with the Yamaha 4stroke bearings, they have a number/color system. The numbers are stamped on the block AND crank. You add or subtract to get a certain number, then the manual tells you which color bearing you need. It's a bullsh!t system.
    Thanks for advice on pistons. Yep I did see the color system for the bearings.

    What about the recommendation in manual of using new bolts for crankcase and other areas? That yamaha wanting to sell more parts? How much difference that going to make in an average build?

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    can rods and wrist pins be used with new pistons? all new rods $ starts to add up

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    Pistons will come with new wrist pins, I use WSM. Rods are probably fine. If the bolts are TTY/stretch then there will be a measurement in the manual. I believe there was when I did mine and they were all OK to reuse.

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