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    Macsboost Velocity Stack vs. Riva or Worx

    I'm still trying to finalize my wish list for my 2019 FX SVHO. I'm probably going to go with the Deans Starter kit which includes the following

    Deans Tune
    Deans modified ride plate (substituting with Riva Plate)
    Deans Modified Solas 13/18 impeller
    Riva Water strainer
    Riva Power Filter Kit (May substitute for Worx or Macsboost)

    I'm interested in the Macsboost Velocity stack because it's simple, clean and $160 cheaper than the Riva.

    I understand the hot air vs. cold air argument however I'm only looking for a solid, reliable ski to use a few weekends a year with the family. The only reason to modify it at all is because I hate the fact that it's restricted due to regulations. To get rid of the restrictions you need a tune, to get the most of the tune you need A,B & C, you guys know the routine. I don't ride with anybody else so I'm not interested in bragging rights from that last .5 mph. Considering that, I doubt the warmer intake air would really make a noticeable difference. Not that I regularly roll a ski but my bigger concern is the potential for the Macsboost filter to ingest water if it ever rolls....valid concern or not? We all know colder air is better. On the other hand attaching the filter direct without the restrictive curvy tube likely has it's own benefits, which very well may cancel out the advantage of the colder air. Does anybody have any actual experience with this product or any suggestions on why it wouldn't be a good choice for my intended use?

    Or for $116 more than the Riva I could go with the Macsboost filter and BOV kit....but likely not necessary for my needs, this ski probably won't see 100 hrs in 10 years.

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    I would run the Riva or Worx, the stack is hot air, and down low, easier to suck water if you did get bunch in there.

    riva seals up and botls high like a snorkel.

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    Id stick with dean's plate. A lot of work goes into those things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saum700p View Post
    Id stick with dean's plate. A lot of work goes into those things.
    I can't remember if it was Dean or his son I was discussing it with but one of them suggested the Riva for my needs. I don't recall what the reasoning was, Dean even suggested modifying the Riva plate but said that for my needs it would be a little overkill.

    Does anybody either have a pic or a link to one of the Deans modified plate for the 2019 FX? I don't see anything on their site for it.

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    I run Macsboost air filter and velocity stack. I love it. One straight shot into the supercharge with no 90 degree elbows to reduce air velocity. I think testing showed it flows more air than no filter at all due to the velocity stack. It's a great velocity stack built into the filter and fits up nice. I just route my air intake hose to put the fresh air in next to the filter. I ran back to back testing against the Riva that I had to start with. I sold the Riva.

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