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    Appreciate feedback - Salt Water riders

    I am doing research for industrial coatings company in aviation space looking at the PWC market. Coating is professionally applied to hull and engine components to prevent any type of saltwater corrosion or rust. Wipe down is all that is necessary after coating, forever. If works as advertised, is there need in the PWC market for this type of product/solution? Really appreciate any feedback.

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    Id say yes

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    I ride in salt water and flush with fresh water after every ride. I also spray the engine with a rust inhibitor before storage. In 300 engine hours I am seeing some corrosion but it doesn't affect the performance. I wouldn't have the need for a coating, especially if the engine needs to be removed to apply it.

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    Thanks for feedback. This is a topical coating, engine does not need to be removed. Again, thanks for feedback.

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    Appreciate the feedback.

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