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    Seadoo LRV starting help

    I have a 2000 Seadoo LRV that I'm rebuilding that I need help with. It is a complete gut, clean and rebuild. I have gotten the engine back in and now trying to start it before I proceed further. When I go to start I get now spark signal to the coils. Let me try to list everything I have done and see if anybody can think of anything that I have missed.
    -replaced the mpem from one from ebay that was supposed from a running machine.
    -I get around 0.4 to 0.5 volts from the trigger coil when cranking.
    -have continuity between wire harness and the coils themselves.
    -verified all grounds in wire harness
    -used t-pins in back of wire harness to verify trigger coil was sending signal to mpem (get the same 0.4 to 0.5 at back of harness)
    -pulled the harness apart, they all look clean and no bent or missing pins.
    - I have good voltage at all of the fuses.

    I think what I'm left with is the mpem from ebay is bad. I had a key programmed to it and the person said that it tested good and should work. Anybody have any other thoughts. The LRV is basiclly a gtx it is the 951 carbed engine.

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    My thought is that if they had no key then it was not tested and therefore unknown condition.

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    That is what I'm think now. The story was that

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    I purchased another MPEM and still getting the same conditions. Anybody have any other thoughts or help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellison View Post
    I purchased another MPEM and still getting the same conditions. Anybody have any other thoughts or help?
    I would start by going over all the wiring again. It could be something simple.

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