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    Polaris 785 bogging and no power

    I have a 2000 pro 785 and I just put all new pistons, rods, crank, bearings, and such on this machine and now I am having the problem of the machine having no power. I took it to the lake and when I got it in the water and you hit the gas it bogs or kills. The choke helps it so I am thinking it has not much fuel meaning that my 2 fuel pumps that are built onto the carbs need rebuilding. I can get it going if I feather the gas for a long time but then it doesnt go past like 6550 rpm or so. Plugs look dangerously light in color. What should I do, rebuild the fuel pumps, carbs, or get an external pump and if so how does that work with the pumps that are built on the carbs already. Do you take them off or how does that work. Any links? Thanks for the help. It has premix as well if that helps. Also what ratio do you run in these things safely at premix?

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    What caused the first motor to blow up?
    It sounds like you are lean. The carbs and fuel pumps should be rebuilt. Do not run the boat lean as you will be rebuilding it again. What is you compression?

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    Compression is at least 120. I know that it is fuel related. Should I run an aftermarket fuel pump or just rebuild the stock ones? Any tech articles on doing the carbs like I need to?

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    you should bypass the fuel on of switch and check all the lines to make sure they are not swollen closed internally .also keep the stock pumps they work fine . start with a 36 to one and after acouple of tanks full go with 40 to one mixture .

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Do not run the boat lean as you will be rebuilding it again.
    Truer words were never spoken! I just ordered a top end rebuild kit today.

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    Once you go through the fuel system and make sure that's fine, also make sure your exhaust valves are opening 100%.


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    Ok so I rebuilt the fuel pumps and checked the screens in the carbs. I got it all together and took it to the lake and it bogs like crazy off of the line and takes almost a minute to plane and then comes out of its crazy smoky bog but then only revs to around 6500 or so. What could this be now. The valves open when I rev it on the trailer. The plugs are no longer nasty light in color but the way they should be. If I ran it at a 40 or even a little richer to 1 on premix could that do it or is there something else I am missing here?

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    Have you verified your fuel routing and what do you have the timing set at?

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    I have the fuel route all stock and timing is stock as far as I know. Is there a certain position the stator is supposed to be in there when you put that in with a new crank? Links??

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