Been trying to figure out some problems with my ski and I知 wondering if what I知 experiencing is normal or may have something to do with problems. My tune is 9500 rev limit, running RPM is 9200 I have all supporting mods.I know that the stock speedo will only read 70 even if going faster. Mine reads 45 mph when WOT. Being that the ecu reads engine load and rpm to calculate speed, would a bad ecu or incorrectly uploaded tune cause this malfunction?

In theory, I知 at WOT and revving it high but the ecu is only dumping enough fuel and timing for 45 mph causing a lean condition? I may be completely wrong and those of you that have a similar setup with a 19+ Fx may experience the same speedo malfunction. Let me know what your experience so I can get some feedback on what I could eliminate as the culprit. Also post if you run a map tuner tune to compare.