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    2005 FXHO Cruiser

    Ok How can I find out how much my ski is worth with a bad engine. I like to get sell it as is and get a replacement ski. But have no idea how to price the vaule of the ski in the current status. out side of the oil filling up with water the wate got in to motor due to that the ski in great shape and is well taken care off. But do not care to sink 3 to 4k to rebuild the motor and oil tank. Any pointers?

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    The ski is worth X amount. It cost X amount to repair, plus labor. The difference is rough value, to me anyways.

    Recent example, there is a local guy with a 04 FXHO with a "broke piston" that a customer was looking into buying. I made up a repair quote after I asked the owner if head was removed to verify damage and he said he can see the piston not moving when he cranks it over. Most likely a thrown rod, but a gamble regardless on damage severity. Reman motor runs $3k plus labor. You can buy a running early FXHO with mid-range hours for ~$4k with a trailer...his bottom dollar is $1k...without a trailer. Sure the chance is there I could repair for less piecing it together but the risk is too high for all the trouble to even be worth it.

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    If somebody had one here that they wanted to sell I would be willing to give them $500 with a trailer. That would be my max. By the time everything is repaired correctly, I still have to make a profit......most of the time that means I'm buying the trailer and giving $100 for the ski with good paperwork. If you want to see the common failure with the early FXHO you can check out my build here...

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