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    1997 GP760 issues

    new to this forum because i just got a '97 GP760 and shes rough. Not sure if its supposed to have reverse but as of right now its only got forward gear no neutral at all. you start it up and shes pulling with no way to stop it. To make things worse the start switch does not work. i have to jump the starter relay to get it to crank over. when its running it runs strong but i was wondering why it doesn't have a neutral or a reverse if its supposed to have that and if anyone knows what i should try and track down first as far as the start button not working. Im a car mechanic so i am somewhat mechanically inclined but this is my first time messing with a jetski. also would like to know the easiest way to delete the oil pumps on these things, i prefer to just mix my own gas rather than rely on the oil pump.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Lol. Welcome to PWCs!! No neutral or reverse on that old 2stroke. That’s the way they are. Get that start/stop switch fixed or replaced and enjoy the ride.

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    Simple answer: Just as Cutlass mentioned. No neutral on skis. And yours doesn't have reverse.

    Detailed answer:

    Your engine and jetpump are a 1:1 direct drive. There are no gears and no transmission, so the impeller is ALWAYS spinning & pumping water through the pump when engine is running. The only way skis have reverse is by redirecting that thrust downward/forward to push the ski backwards.

    Modern skis have electronic systems that control this and therefore are electronically programmed to allow a "neutral" of sorts that position the reverse bucket to a point of "equal" forward/reverse thrust therefore keeping the ski in place.

    To answer your start stop question, get a manual (easy search online and free) and troubleshoot the start stop switch using the electronic diagrams and details listed in the manual. If yours is toast, easy enough to just source a used one from ebay.

    The oil pumps RARELY go bad. Its the oil lines that fail 99% of the time. If the ski is as rough as you say, I highly recommend flushing the old fuel, rebuilding the carbs with GENUINE Mikuni rebuild kits, and replacing the oil lines with new hoses and Oetiker style clamps. If you still insist on deleting the pump, there are block off kits available.

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    Welcome aboard, Michael!

    Good advice in the previous posts! As mentioned, replace the oil lines with polyurethane hose and secure with Oetiker clamps or .025" stainless steel safety wire (2 wraps then twist the ends together). Prime the hoses with a syringe when installing. Note the direction of the arrows on the inline valves and make sure they point toward the carbs when re-assembling. Pre-mix is NOT foolproof. If a carb gets plugged up, you still get no oil. And, as mentioned, make sure you use Mikuni brand carburetor parts. There have been a lot of people that have had trouble with aftermarket carb kits.

    You'll need to do some troubleshooting on the starting circuit, but I'd bet the starter relay is the problem. Very common.

    As far as riding with no neutral or reverse, you'll get used to it with time. When coming in to dock it or load it on the trailer, go at idle speed. If you find you're still going too fast, turn the handlebars and make a 360° turn to slow down. Do NOT turn the engine off or you'll lose your steering, too!

    Keep in mind that, even though there is no propeller or rudder hanging down below the 'Ski, you still need at least 2-3 feet of water minimum to prevent sucking up trash off the bottom and damaging the jet pump. Do not beach the 'Ski. Instead, use a screw-in dog anchor with a rope. Put a float on the rope so you can see it and not run over it.

    Don't forget to put the plugs in before you launch! Always wear the wrist lanyard when riding! Don't run the engine out of the water for more than 15 seconds or so. If you run it on the flush hose, NEVER run the water unless the engine is running! Start the engine, THEN turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN turn off the engine. Running the water when the engine isn't running can flood the engine with water!

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