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    seadoo sportster

    i guys i am thinking of buyin a 2001 sportster 130hp it looks to be in good order is there anything i should look out for in buyin it also what would the power be like is it cable of towing a skier of round 18 stone

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    depends on how big those round 18 stones are.

    Always wondered how many pounds (Colonies' weight measurement, not 100 pence) to a stone of the Queen's.

    Check cylinders' compression, play in drive shaft bearings, wear ring, impeller, corrosion of wires from salt, when checking compression -check plugs to see if crap on them or other indications of running condition, dry start & wet start, beat the snot out of it on a test run. Run hard for extended time to see if it overheats.

    I had an 05 sportster le di and was not impressed with it's "out of the hole" capacity, so for great skiing and quick ups, I am skeptical.

    Seriously, from across the pond, how many pounds are in a stone?

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    14pounds in a stone you yanks behind the time ha ha

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    stone age

    maybe a few hours behind your Greenwich time, but it's your kingdom living in the "stone" age.

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