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    Depth finder on a 2018 RXTX 300

    Hey guys, just wanted to know if it's possible to install a Seadoo depth finder from a GTX on an RXTX?


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    Yes. I did this by adding a 6 pin DT connector and plugging into the diagnostic port.

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    They sell the wiring harness that plugs into the diagnostic port

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    I think this is the correct depth finder for the 2018 RXTX 300, 295100834. Only one wiring harness goes from the Transducer/depth finder and plugs into the diagnostic port, no fuse box wiring. Anyone confirm if this is correct?,,295100927
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    For anyone who needs to know what depth finder they need for 2018-2020 RXT-X
    Part= 295100927
    If you have any modules like (SCOM, SKI or X Module) you need to put them in front of the depth finder. The depth finder only has 4 pins in the plug that returns for your diagnostic port.
    You will not see DEPTH in cluster panel until the ski is in the water. If you want to test connection to transducer just put is in a bucket of water before snapping it in the base support.
    Installation Instructions,,295100927

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    i have a depth module from my 15 gtx and was planning to use it in new 21 tx and compared the two part numbers and they were different, so your pretty much saying i can use the old one as long as i can get the jumper harness from module to data port?

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    No it look in the pac to find the right part number also if you install it could you get a pic of it working?

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