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Thread: Great time

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    Great time

    It was a pleasure to meet all the new faces, Jerry it was great to ride with you Dan & Nate. Dan your ski is unbelievable when you made that run and hit a 94.5 in that short distance i said to Nate that no one is going to be close to that ski. Don't worry Dan i know you will be back next year with even a faster ski you are a great person and glad i met you and your wife. Joe, Mark and John great to meet you guys. All the Chicago crew you guys are a bunch of great people, Billie, Dave, Shibby, Rich and Coop was a pleasure to meet you guys. It was great to ride with Elliott, Trager, John, Ross, chezzy and his friends Nate & shanon. Elliott me and my wife want to thank you personally for letting her use one of your ski's when mine went down. And also want to thank Ross too because he helped me alot grinding the nozzle and also offered to let me use his extra ski. I want to thank Ben Herman for the piston and the honing tools to put my ski together, After honing it still had a big gouge in the cylinder about 2 inches long 1/4 inch wide and about 25 thousands thick but i still put it together and went back out and had a blast. Kerry it was a pleasure talking to you, I met alot of great people to many to name so i will say it was a pleasure to meet you all. I personally want to thank Jerry and his family for there warm hospitality and putting this together for everyone to have a good time. Hope i can meet you guys back out there next year. Thank you, Jim & Tammy
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    good to finally meet you Jim, it was my pleasure. Hope we can do some business in the future

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    It was great to finally meet you Jim. Hell, we have been talking on the phone every couple of days for the past year now.

    I am glad you still have your hair (inside j/k ya'll)

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    ditto Jim !!
    It was a great to meet you and your wife !

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    I had a great time myself, I got on the board just before Mudbug. It was great to put some faces with names and see what a great bunch of stand up folks we have here. Jerry put on a great event. I thank Jim for getting me a ride plate quick. I called him up about two weeks before the event and had a ride plate in a few days. It was also nice to see how personnable some of the top riders/performers on the site were. I know I and my associates talked to several of you and if you didn't know better you would think you were talking to any other person out there. I can say that's not a common trait across many sports, this comming from personnal obeservations. Look forward to getting to know everyone better and seeing everyone next year. Salutes

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    Welcome Mach1!

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