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    650-750 swap, electrical question/problem

    I put a 750 small pin into my 650 using the 650 electrical and ran fine until I took it apart. The ski starts but when it turns over, the battery terminals smoke. I assume there is a short somewhere? Any advice or wiring diagrams since the colors don't exactly match up.

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    Pull the starter motor and crank it over off the ski, if the battery terminals still smoke its probably bad. You will need to ground the starter directly since it normally grounds to the block.

    Also check that the isolator for the 12v side of the starter cable is present, its possible that you are just shorting the hot side to the starter case.

    Post back when you have tested it


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    I had the starter off and grounded to the crankcase cover but it was just clicking and no starter action. Shouldn't that be a good enough ground? I'm not following your latter comment. And - THANK YOU!

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