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Thread: Knee Brace

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    Knee Brace

    Does anyone use a knee brace while riding? I have a torn meniscus in my knee.


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    slower lower Delaware. And have a cottage on finger lake in upstate NY.
    Stx-di, I feel for ya. Was there 2 yrs ago with left knee. May have meniscus tear in right now.
    Never wore a brace, although I'm sure it probably would have helped. I suppose any of the compression type pull on braces would be a plus. Should be able to find at any pharmacy or Walmart.
    What's your plan for knee? Surgery?
    Had surgery on my left knee to alleviate pain. Wish I had it done early then I did, afterwards. 4 months after was like nothing was ever wrong. If it turns up today at my Appointment that my right is torn it will surgery asap if it up to me.

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    I'm there too with a bad knee and bad back. I don't wear a brace but just make sure to keep moving my leg and stretching it out as I ride. Good luck man, I know the feeling.

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