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    Quote Originally Posted by DrivingZiggy View Post
    It is usually bigger. Most of the time, at least 100. But alluvasudden I'm not expecting too many this year.
    Hey Ziggy, whens the next cooking vid? Man some of those dishes looked awesome!!

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    Riders from DFW arriving the 2nd staying till Monday we launch from
    Doiron's about 10am know both sides real well will be happy to show you around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moparguy View Post
    Hey Ziggy, whens the next cooking vid? Man some of those dishes looked awesome!!
    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! I've been sloughing off. I haven't made a video in months! You might be disappointed with my next cooking video, though, because my big @$$ is on a diet! I already have a few videos taken, but I've been too lazy to edit them and get them out.

    For the record: I am now getting pressured for videos in THREE different countries! So, I guess I'd better get on the ball.

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