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    Polaris SLTH Problem!

    I bought two polaris SLTH a few years ago, and I have had nothing but trouble with them since. It first started when I noticed I had to choke the engine every time to start which wasn't a big deal. Then they started to shut off while riding. When I first got them started I would give it gas and it would shut off. Then once I got them running I would have the throttle wide open and it would shut off. I thought maybe it was a battery or spark plug problem. Replaced both and still had the same problem, with shutting down while rididng. This summer I went to start one out of the water and it won't even start. Does anyone know what the problem could be with the shutting off while running. I am not very smart when it comes to engines. Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.
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    I forgot to mention in my first post that I hooked them up to a water hose and they ran perfect without shutting off. They only seem to do it while riding on the river. I have no clue what it might be any help would be great. I have tried to search the forums but could not find anyhting. Thanks for your help.

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    Check for water in the electrical box. What year SLTH? When was the last time the carbs were cleaned?

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    They are 2 1999 Polaris STLH. I was told that it might be the carburetor last summer. So I had my dad clean them out. Then we started them with the water hose hooked in the yard and they started without a problem and ran for a while without shutting off. So I thought I had the problem fixed. I took them to the river and it still done the same thing. When I first tried to go once I had them started they both died. I had to keep starting and restarting a couple of times to get them to stay running. They would idle just fine but when I push the throttle they die. After a few restarts and throttle pushes they run fine for awhile. Then when going down the river with the throttle wide open they will die. Then this summer when I went to start them in the yard, one would not start at all. It sounds like it wants to start for a second then just quits, and nothing happens. Where is the electrical box located? I really hope I can get them fixed I love riding. Thanks for your help.

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    how old is the fuel? Not just topping off the old gas. Fresh gas is sometimes the best answer. Might need to drain the fuel tank and start with new fuel also. Drain the fuel out of the water trap.

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    I hope you don't live in AP Florida, smoke20

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