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    Moving to Orlando area.

    I will be moving to Orlando Fl. in April (2 months). I was wondering how many board members are from this area? Any cool ski shops to check out? I will be in training in Orlando for only five months until my new job sends me off to somewhere else.

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    Hey Nitro...I am from Orlando area, lived there most of my life. In JAX area now. Do you have any idea what part of Orlando you will be in? Its a big place, and I can probably give you better guidance about things close to you if you can narrow down a location.

    Who will you be working for?

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    I will be training at the Jaguar Pace / Mercedes-Benz Elite program just north of the Orlando Int'l Airport. I hope to find a place to stay in that area also. Is that a good area to live?

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    Hey Nitro I live about 1 1/2 hrs form orlando. Alot of freshwater lakes and no matter where in the state you are it is no more than 3 hrs to the ocean.The weather is almost never too cold to ride if you have a shorty suit. When are you going to be here?

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    Middle of April.

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    FRS#1 confirmed date for St. Pete is April 8th & 9th. Too bad you wont be here a little earlier, these are a blast.

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    I'm in orlando.. about 20-25 minutes from where you'll be moving.. that areas growing pretty quickly, lots of new stuff building up around there... you'll be pretty close to a few lakes (lakes are EVERYWHERE down here) .. one of which i along with a few other RXPs ride(moss park)... plus Lake Conway is near there-- popular lake to ride on here.. ocean will only take u 45minutes to an hour to get to... myself and a few others usuallly ride every weekend when we don't have the skis apart tinkering with them.. where u at now? only thing that sux here is the humidity... as far as ski shops F#$% no!!! not here in've come this far.. if you're going anywhere just make the 2-3 hour trip down to RIVA or PPG .. pretty close to one another.. its not that bad.. i've made the trip PLENTY of times..

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    I have been living in the Phoenix, AZ area for the past 12 months for school. I lived in Nebraska for most of my life until I moved to AZ.

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