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    lightweight valves now in the online store!

    This lightweight valve set is a direct replacement for the heavy and weaker stock valves.

    Exhaust valves are made of an inconel alloy and the intake valves are stainless.

    As of now, there is a 3 week lead time to receive these valves.

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    Ouch! Inconel is expensive but has incredible heat toleration.

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    What performance gains are to be had with these Jerry?

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    Here is my two cents. As for a horse power gain. There is very little.
    But for all the people turning 8500-10000 RPM. the valves are cheap insurance. I have seen at least 10 broken exsast valves. Three of these were in stock RXP's.

    They may be a little expensive. But!!! Witch cost's more??? A set of valves or a new cylinder head, pistons and maybe in the worst case an engine block. When the valve breaks and jams its self between the head and block and cracks the cylinder.

    And thats my two cents!!!!!!

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