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    My name is Sean and I am addicted to STXs smokeysevin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlovebk View Post
    LOL speak of the devil....
    You rang Sir Rod?

    Since its a 15f, I think it will be easy to flash out. I think can revert the ecu back to an 04 15f without slo mode and that should keep it from jumping back even with a faulty gauge.


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    Water test went well. Forgot to hookup the catch can return to the air box so I ended up with some oil fog in the engine bay. Degreaser and a pressure washer fixed that up. The battery voltage issue was the regulator so I threw the regulator from the donor ski in it and it’s holding 13-14v. Put the original tps back in and in the water it was idling about 1400 which I can live with manual says 1300 +-100. It’s going to be for sale soon near Houston Texas if anyone wants a good deal on a ski.

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