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    Easy Way to Clean Hull

    I have some oxidation/staining on a 2010 GTX 155 that I recently purchased. It has about 237hrs on it but I think the previous owner neglected and left it sitting out. Is there an easy way to get this off? I have tried wax, and rubbing compound by hand and neither did anything. Would a powered polisher with rubbing compound work or will this have to be sanded?

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    Since the decal doesn't seem to be affected, I would guess that it's oxidation. Compound & wax would probably be the best route.

    If it's hard water stain, which would probably discolor the decal, use vinegar & water or Ducky.

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    Thanks guys! Should I use these products by hand or should I get a buffer of some kind?

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    Just ordered some from Amazon for a little over $7 and free one-day shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philbbar715 View Post
    ... Should I use these products by hand or should I get a buffer of some kind?
    Hard to tell from just the photo.

    Looks like a half decent power buffer would make the job much easier. Takes a bit of practice to know how much pressure and buffing compund is needed, but it is a learnable skill. Go easy until you get the hang of it.

    Use a mild buffing compound and modest power/speed/pressure to take off the outermost layer of material and oxidized hull surface material.

    You may want to buy a kit with several grades of polishing/buffing compound and a few flexible buffing disks.

    Be careful around raised edges and corners. You don't want to burn right through the hull finish coating layers.

    Once the hull surface is cleaned up and the color/finish is restored sufficiently, then you can choose a protective product to bring up the gloss and seal the surface.

    If the old decals don't look good or you just want a fresher start, you can remove the old hull decals, like the Seadoo one under the rub rail.

    Note: First check that replacements for your model and year are available at reasonable cost.
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    Thanks for the advice! I tried some rubbing compound on a buffing pad on my dremel. Other than it only working on a small spot at a time it worked great and removed the oxidation! You can see it in the pics I attached ( the small shiny spot is what I did with the polishing wheel and dremel)

    I have purchased a cheaper buffer from Amazon (not one of the random orbital ones) to try it out. Hopefully it will buff out easily.

    Once it's buffed and clean does anyone have a recommendation on a product to seal and protect the surface?

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    I wanted to give an update. I bought a cheap polisher from amazon, cheap rubbing compound, meguiar's marine wax and went to town. I started off with the polisher and foam pad, and rubbing compound and did the entire top and the hull (only the part of the hull thats visible when in water, didnt feel like doing the bottom of the hull that will be a next winter project). After rubbing compound everywhere I cleaned it off with water and meguiar's quick clean spray and a rag. After it was all clean I waxed the entire ski. Overall the results are good enough for me. Also, the last photo of the ski with a cover and snow on it is from before I did the work, just as a frame of reference for how far its come.

    I would like advise on how to get rid of the staining in the footwells, the polisher has a 7" head on it and didnt really get down in to it very well. Any suggestions for the footwell areas?

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    To remove the stains, try using the Starbrite Instant Hull cleaner.

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    This needs to be wet sanded to last. Unless you're using a super heavy duty compound you're just temporarily masking the problem. If you're not seeing black on the polishing pad you're just covering things up.

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