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    Cuts out if let go of throttle and re-apply straight away?

    Hey everyone, got a quick question that has me stumped.

    When in the water and try to do a spin for example.
    Give it throttle while turning left then drop throttle.
    Turn steering right and try to give full throttle.
    It dies. This happens even when not using any turning.
    I have noticed runs a bit rough at low rpms. Hard to say if does it all the way through the rev range.

    2005 RXT supercharged sea doo

    Thanks all in advance for you help.

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    Never hurts to change the plugs. I'd start with that.

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    Yeah i have literally just done that and doesn't change how it runs.
    Tried removing spark plug connector 1 at a time to see any change but made it a lot worse.
    Even when cold and start it. I try to give big revs and either dies or backfires....

    Would next step be injectors?

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    Fuel pump... Clogged fuel filter..

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    Okay will pull it out tonight and check.

    I took ski out today and if going from idle and full throttle it just dies.. have to give it a bit of throttle first before full throttole.

    Also i have check engine light and was told from last owner when he had it checked they found the ecu was faulty so needs to be replaced.

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