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    VX 110 need map for the ECU 6D3-A0

    I'm in trouble with my vx 110 of 2006 Deluxe.
    I bought a ECU on ebay a 6D3-A0 witch doesn't work good. It has good pins.
    It was spotering and misfiring between 2000 rpm and 4000 rpm after it was ok.
    But i removed the map inside to try to read it and find the problem.
    But when i tryed to write it again without changing something the checksum wasn't correct.
    Of course the program inside was bad.
    So i need an origine map for an ECU : 6D3-A0 F8T94772. The size of the file of 512Ko.

    Thank you for your help !
    Best regard's

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    Call Dean at Dean's Team...he can provide you with the information that you need...

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    Thank you for your answer.
    I found the website of Dean
    I will try to contact him and inform you about the issue.
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    I send 2 mails to dean's team and no answers no communications, no help.
    So if somebody has the original map for a 6D3-A0 F8T94772
    I just need the file.
    I will try to write in it and see if the file repare the brain.
    Thank you for your help

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