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    Warning sticker removal?

    Just curious how many of you remove the stickers over the glove box area that are warning stickers etc?

    IF you did, did you leave it blank or add some other stickers?


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    I took off every warning sticker on my machine, its a much cleaner and nicer look without them, the biggest pain is removing the adhesive residue!

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    You can't remove the stickers! The engine will throw a rod, the supercharger will fail and the hull will crack along with the fuel tank and the ski will explode and sink!

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    And you'll be thown in jail if caught by the water police.

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    I removed every safety sticker at the dealership before we drove away ! thats how much i hate them.

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    Did any of you add any new stickers in the area? like a sea doo or RXT sticker or just leave it blank?

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    Removing original stickers is like you repaired the skis paint and you didn t want to pay for new stickers.

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    And the warranty will be void!

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