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    Yamaha Audio Kit

    I hadn't put much thought into Yamaha's audio kit simply because it's not worth $399 to me, however I saw what appears to be the same speaker as the 2019 kit at Costco for $49. I know the 2020 kits are different but is this the same speaker as they used in the 2019 kit? Are they worth $49 each?


    2019 Yamaha Kit
    2020 Yamaha Kit

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    The 2019 Yamaha FX speakers look very similar to what is offered at COSTCO. The Yamaha speakers are definitely made by ECOXGEAR.

    The Costco version claims 5W more power (20W Costco vs 15W Yamaha).
    The Costco version has the screw mount at the bottom needed to mount them.

    To equal the Yamaha sound, you'd need 2x of the Costco speakers, so $100.
    You'd also need to separately buy the RAM mount stuff, $70 not including the screw mount thing for the FX skis... I don't know what thats worth.

    I can't imaging its over $100, so there is still some savings to be had by getting the costco system if you can get the mounts.

    I'm waiting to see the EX/VX 2020 system at my dealer. The speakers are a little smaller/sleeker... I keep hoping someone will publish a review here.

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