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    cable pass through hull fitting?

    ive decided to drill a hole through my svho hull for the transducer cable, it says 26mm hole for the plug end of the structure scan transducer, what gland nut/grommet or fitting are people using? and where have you put it? im mounting the transducer in the middle of the front edge on ride plate can come up and pass throught the hull in the tunnel or out the back somewhere, any photos would help, i dont want to make a mess of it and drill holes all over the ski,


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    Quote Originally Posted by slowsvho View Post
    ... mounting the transducer in the middle of the front edge on ride plate ...
    The front edge of the ride plate?

    Right where the intake grate meets the ride plate?

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    I siliconed my transducer under the battery tray on my gp1800. reads very well all the way up to 35mph. spotty to 45 and doesnt work after that. Works in neutral and reverse. I dont really care about water temp.

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