I would like to buy two used skis, one for my wife and one for myself. I am very mechanically inclined and dont mind doing maintenance/repairs/upgrades/ect myself. We live in VA in the hampton roads area so we plan on riding around the James river, Chesapeake bay, and up/down the OBX. Most riding would be done in calmer water but would like to get a ski that is geared towards rougher water as we'll also be riding in the ocean or around inlets frequently. I would like to spend around 5k max on each ski.

Where I need help is, in my price range and in my area that leaves me with some options like the mid 2000s FX140, FXHO, the VX cruisers for Yamaha. From Sea-Doo I am looking at the GTX 155s, or the older mid 2000s GTXs without a supercharger. I really want a ski that will go mid 55mph and handle well with a smooth ride in rough water with good fuel economy. (preferably no superchargers but would make an exception for the right deal).

Ive seen some people selling two 2004 Yamaha FXHOs together with trailer for around 8k and I see single 2010 GTX 155s going for around 4-5k. I would like to buy a pair at once but wouldnt mind buying one and then waiting for another one to come along to complete the set. I know im asking this in a Yamaha sub forum but I couldnt really find a good place to post this, so if theres a better place where should I post this?