Our riding group in canada has 4 2014 to 2016 fx svho skis. 3 of them had head cracks. the 4th one is in the dealer now for a diagnosis of water in oil which could be the 4th head cracked. we ride a lot in the fraser river around the vancouver area.

we sometimes ride in winter when the water can get down to 5 C (40F). summer temps get up to about 20 C (68F).

One theory is that when the engine is hot and the thermostat opens, the cold water hits the hot cylinder head and after many of these cycles, a crack forms on the exhaust side (all of them have cracked on the exhaust side between the cylinders around the head bolt).

If this is the case, would a possible solution be to install the riva thermostat delete kit? theory being that the engine would be constantly cooled so there isn't a sudden shock of cold water once the engine is already hot.


there hasn't been much info/experience here about this kit. is it only for modded skis? racing? Is it ok for rec skier?

any comments/ideas are appreciated!