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Thread: 96 slt 780

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    96 slt 780

    In the process of reviving a machine that sat for a while. Should I remove oil pump cap it and pre mix gas or take my chances with the oil pump.

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    This has been covered many times over the years. The Polaris oil pumps tend to be quite reliable. Pre-mixed oil in the fuel can double the oil consumption.

    Click my signature link for info on how to maintain the factory oil pump system for reliability. Most about the hoses, hose clamps and using a new OEM oil filter. Lots of other good info in there.

    Most important is to go through everything. Do the recommended maintenance, inspect every hose and clamp. Rebuild the carburetors, replace the old fuel hoses, install new fuel filter and fuel selector/shut-off valve.

    These engines need the entire fuel system to be 100%

    Also go through the jet pump and driveline seal assembly. Consider new seals regardless as old seals can harden with age.

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