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    S/C removal and washer install....done

    After frying the S/C washers after just 16hours on one our 2007 Wake Edition I order the upgraded washers for both skis. The dealer said the washers were no where to found on the one ski, presumably they made their way into the oil pan, perhaps ground up in the oil pump and now hopefully caught in the oil filter.

    Rather than repeat this whole drama, I decided to preempt the issue on our second 2007 Wake Edition with only 4hours on it and attempted the install myself. Thanks to the instructions on this forum, it was pretty painless. I managed to get S/C out, replace the washers, reinstall all those damn needle bearings and put the whole thing back together in about 3-4hours.

    The instructions I found on this forum were for an RXP, and the Wake is a little more time consuming because the cowl can't be removed as far as I could tell on the Wake, so it's harder to work around.

    Big thanks to Jerry @ 4Tec Performance for getting my washers to me in less than 24hours from the time I placed the order to the time they were here in my hands in California.

    The only question I have is what the torque spec should be when retightening the spring washers on the S/C clutch pack? I just use what I thought felt like the same torque from disassembly?
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    the supercharger shaft nut should be torqued to 22ft/lbs

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    The center seat cowl can be removed with a 10mm socket on the bolts at the four corners. It is two pieces when the bolts are removed and sandwiches to the hull.

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