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    lithium batteries

    they have been out for a little wile now,are they worth getting, or not? i have 4 skies and 3 of them need batteries, i don't want to get the wrong one or spend to much money if they aren't worth it.
    thanks for the info in advance.

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    Lithium batteries do work well but are really not needed in a watercraft, i have a lithium battery in a harley motorcycle because it has such high compression a regular battery just won't crank it over, so if you don't care about spending at least triple on a battery i would so go for it but you do need a special charger for them, a regular AGM battery will do everything you need it to do and you can get a quality one for less than $100
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    Firstly, we’re not talking laptop batteries here (aka lithium-cobalt). I run dual lithium-iron packs without issues. Not required to run two - I just like redundancies.

    Since cost is a factor for you, so I’ll mention a few things:
    Probably stick with an AGM – they’re cheaper.
    But if you want to go lithium, yes, they are expensive compared to lead-acid batteries, and I’d caution not to low-ball on cost. The reason is that lithium packs should have built-in electronics to control/protect charge/discharge and cell balancing if you even want to get the advertised life out of it. These circuits adds costs.

    Keep the pack on a tender - a tender that is compatible with lithium iron. Lithium's are susceptible to damage and premature chemistry “wear” if not kept at their optimum charge state.

    Li packs don’t do well in cold whether – yet whom rides in frigid conditions anyways – so that’s not really an issue.

    Finally, and just my preferred choice, I typically upgrade the reg/rec from SCR to MOSFET based on bikes and watercrafts I put Li packs into. Not required, but the SCR based rectifiers do not have as stable or as high of a voltage charge as the mosfets do.

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    +1 on using an AGM sealed battery. It will last a long time.

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