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    Yamaha Trim extension

    I've been browsing most of the popular PWC upgrade sites trying to decide on what to get for my new FX. I've seen the trim extender and was looking for some feedback. The FX is the first PWC i've had with trim so just having it at all is nice. I noticed that it did have a noticeable effect on the attitude of the hull in the water but the trim range was limited, does the trim extender provide any usufull benefits? Also does the trim system need to be aligned to ensure proper neutral position? The steering on mine was way out of alignment which was easy of enough to dial in. The trim seems fine but I'm wondering if I should check it.

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    Trim extensions are not very popular due to the fact that the nozzle on your ski is already tilted 5 degrees up from the factory....
    One notch down from the top of the trim gauge seems to be the preferred setting for speed.


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    I have the Worx Trim lever extension on two GP1800. Here are some links where I talk about installing the trim extension and adjusting the nozzle to compensate for the extension.

    I also have the extended steering nozzle (Deanís, via GH store) which I find makes a small but noticeable improvement in steering response and trim effect.

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