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    Best place for prop repair and repitch?

    Where's the best place to get a prop repaired and repitched? and what is the turnover time?

    Where we ride SS wear rings is not an option. Lots of rocks eventually leading to a chewed up impeller

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    Sounds like you need a new place to ride...
    Impros (in the tuners corner on this site) is the place to go. They are the experts.

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    I sent mine back to SKAT. For 80 bucks they remachined all the blades,corrected pitch, polished and sharpened blades . Included shipping!!
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    Alex, do they work on other props too? I 've got one from them for my RXDI. but will they work on a Solas Concord or any different brand impeller? Yellow

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    Generally speaking yes. Theyve done repairs to my solas and nujets in the past.

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    Send it to Island Racing. They do that kind of stuff in-house also.

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    80 bucks plus shipping is nice. Is it about that price today still?

    I had a guy local do mine on my stock prop for my RXP twice and after the second time, with a new wear ring, it ran like crap

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