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    2014 RXP X help tuning

    Hello all

    i have a 2014 Sea doo RXP X 260
    mod i have are
    XX2 charger, fuelpressure regulaitor, injector, impeller 15/19 injectors valve springs retainers changed power filter oil cath tank r&d sponson intake grate, custome exhaust.

    i bought the ski with a bad inter cooler without knowing with all those setup it goes 65 on 8700 rpm.
    is it posible that the owner had put a speed limit on it @ what stage should i tune with the maptuner cuz i bought it with all those mods the owner live in the states and i cant contact him so i can't ask.

    can some one please help me or have any ideas what can i do so my ski can go faster really need some advice guys.

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    65mph @ 8700 RPM indicates a problem around the jet pump area: bad wear ring, bad impeller

    Your impeller is spinning fast, not power problem, but not moving water to create thrust.

    Your setup should be close to 80 mph.

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    Check basics first. Wear ring clearances, pump seal condition.

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