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    2014 Ultra 310X Idling too High

    When I start the Ski, it immediately jumps to about 4K RPM.

    The throttle cable / unit is fine (no kinks). There are no loose hose clamps (on any hoses).

    Thoughts anyone? I am thinking it could be that the Throttle Position Sensor went bad. Can someone tell me where the Throttle Position Sensor is on the Ski?

    Thank you. JB
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    There are two electronic gizmos that tell the throttle how much gas/air to let in. There is the "Lever-assy-throttle" which is forward left side of engine compartment just above the air box. This is the component that the cable goes to from lever on handlebar (fairly short cable obviously). The other one is the actual throttle assembly which mounts on the back of the intake manifold.

    The reason I know this is because I broke the "lever-assy-throttle" trying to get that big hose off that goes between air box and supercharger (the device is mounted under the edge of the hull on the left side not far from the foggin oil port, can't really see it). When I first installed the new one ($400+ ish) it was doing the same thing, wanting to idle at 3000rpm. The manual was no help on how to install new one/program it. Luckily I found an article somewhere online about a similar component for a car (throttle sensor I think). Anyway, it had instructions on how to make the device "learn" the extent of throttle travel. Don't remember the exact steps but it had you turn key on/off a few times and slowly opening throttle wide open and then back to idle with engine not running.

    After a few tries that worked, and it now idles normally.

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