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    1200 in a 96 SLT700, what is part # for hull nut-sert?

    My 96 SLT700 needs the engine rebuilt. Just picked up a 2001 Virage TX for the engine. Looking at installing it in the SLT700.

    Anybody know the size of the nut-serts they used in the hull and whether the were glued or fiberglassed in?

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    If you remove the engine from the SLT, you'll know the answers for sure. (Not being a dick, just saying you have your answers in the hull.)

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    Well I wasn't asking about the thread (which is 5/16-18 ).

    Wanted to know the OD of the insert and if they were molded in or glued in.
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    Polaris does not sell the inserts separately. All Polaris parts can be looked up here;

    Different companies making nut inserts will make them differently. The only common dimension will be the thread size.
    Most inserts Polaris used were knurled and had an interference fit.
    I have seen some later model inserts also glued .

    Removing the inserts you have would tell you the dimensions.

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