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    05 STX 12F shutting down abrupty

    Hi everyone. I'm a noobs here. I have an 05 kawasaki stx 12f with a mysterious issue that has happened 2 days ago.
    Motor starts easy and runs perfect on the hose. Take it in the water and ran for 20 - 30 minutes perfectly. My son noticed that the screen flickered on and off a few times (middle of the screen has burnt out), then the ski shut down abruptly while cruising approx 50km.
    It cranked over strong but wouldn't start, with no firing what so ever. Could smell strong fuel fumes emanating. So waited 10 - 15 minutes and it started right up. Cruised along for about 30 sec, then shut down again...having to wait a while to start it.
    Eventually we got it to a beach, and let it sit for 30min. Started right up and cruised for about 5min, then shut down again. This went on all the way back to the nearest boat ramp (20 minutes away). When we got it there I turned it off, and the warning light started flashing and beeping with the battery icon flashing also (could just see it due to burnt out display), until I shut it down via the magnetic key. Got it home and started right up on the hose and never missed a beat while flushing and cleaning down the ski.
    Hopefully there is someone out there that has experienced this issue, or similar, and successfully fixed it. Any advice or tips on where and what to look for would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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    Welcome aboard, Lewpepp77!

    My initial thought would be a loose electrical connection somewhere. Start with the battery terminals, make sure they are scraped clean and tight. Could also be a bad battery.

    The older STXs have a harness connector in the right forward portion of the hull that will get water in it if there is water in the hull.

    The fuel smell would probably be due to a leak, but I don't know of any components that are prone to leaking.

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    Thanks for the info. I have done some searching in this forum and found alot of great content with similarities to my issues.
    Its all leading to an electrical problem somewhere. So l will begin by cleaning every single connector, plug and sensor with contact cleaner and applying dielectric grease. Then relocate the harness to a higher level in the hull as water does enter from somewhere, which I will find the leak also.

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    The water is most likely coming from the front hatch seal, which really doesn't seal anything.

    Here's a thread about the bad connector that I found:

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    My display/meter is no good and can't see anything on it, however it beeps randomly and the warning light stays on every now and then. Could this be triggering something to shut the ski down?

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    Check for corrosion here:

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