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    2011 RXTX engine light and other issues.

    The digital readout on my dash cluster is failing, no fuel gauge, no VTS readout etc. Speedo and Tacho analogues dials work except today the tacho stopped working when an IBR and engine light came on among other issues. It's a long weekend here in Australia so no help before Tuesday. I am debating sending the cluster over to the States for reapair as nobody does them here, buy new or used.

    I took the ski out today and for 30 or 40 minutes it ran fine then the IBR and engine lights came on. I stopped and had no issues engaging neutral, forward or reverse, I also tried the brake all worked fine. I had a single beep of about 2 seconds about every 30 seconds and the tacho ceased to function, then the lights would go out and the tach would start working again,but engine light came back on after a short time and again the tacho stopped working. No loss of performance at all. Went back to the ramp and put the ski on the trailer but couldn't find any issue. Checked the IBR and it worked fine. Only the engine light remains lit and tacho not working. I have no issue starting the ski but I don't get the two beeps from the DESS key, not a sound but the ski will still start. Anybody shed any light on this? I am hoping it's all to do with the instrument cluster. I tried to start the ski without the DESS key but it wouldn't start, I also tried a friend's key and it wouldn't start. With the ski running the message says "Reading Key" somewhat faintly due to the fading of the readout. I also noticed when the start button is pressed to wake the instruments it says "Reading Key" even when there is no key and the dash remains active for a considerable time.

    The battery is a Deka unit and only a few months old and is fully charged.

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    All sorted, it was the instrument cluster failing causing all the issues. Couldn't get a used RXTX unit but got an excellent RXT cluster. Difference being 75 mph speedo instead of 85 mph. Guess I will be able to wind it all the way to the end of the dial.

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