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    Your modified Riva SS grate looks to be the best for rough water use. If top speed on calm water is what you are lookin for then find a R&D grate there should be 1 to 2 mph difference in these two grates in calm water. With the R&D being the faster of the two. Also I just looked at your ski info at the bottom of your page. you might gain a little speed if you re pitch your prop to a 13/21 Then this should get you closer to 8500-8600 rpms. This is where I like to see these motors run max rpms with stock
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    Maybe my post was confusing.

    my 2009 SHO has a riva stainless grate and I have had no issues with it.

    I am buying a 2016 SVHO and it has the modified stock grate from deans team.... so worried it could cause stuffing issues.. also slow it down. I am buying the SVHO to shoot for 85-90mph.

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