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    Buying Used RXTX300... Winterizing Question

    Hey guys so Im finally about to pull the trigger on a used RXTX300 with 25 hours on it along with BRP warranty. My concern is winterizing, Im buying it from a used boat dealer in North Carolina and when I asked about winterizing he said he hasn't because its not really needed as they are self draining. It doesn't quite get as cold as it gets up here but it still does reach under freezing some nights. Now I know from reading on here its suggested to run antifreeze through it and blow it out with air. So what Im really asking is what should I be worried about? Should it be that big of a concern?

    I will be test riding the ski before I buy it so would it be safe to assume any damage that could of been done from not winterizing would show????

    Also, anything else I should look for when looking at it that warranty might not cover? Id greatly appreciate any insight you guys could offer. Thank you!
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    These skis have a closed looped cooling system like a car. The ride plate is the heat exchanger or a radiator like on a car. The only thing that is water cooled is the intercooler and exhaust. If your worried about freezing grab 3 gallons of antifreeze and a short garden hose. Screw the hose into the flush port and start the machine up and pour the antifreeze in till its dark pink coming out of the ski. My skis sit in a pull barn outside all winter in Iowa at -55 F last winter with no issues using this method. I do not blow out the ski with air like others say. Just start pouring I do. Hope this helps


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    When sitting for several months and not winterized ( cylinders fogged ) water can really start doing its job, I won’t say much just post these 2 pictures and did I forget to mention warranty won’t cover this .
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    In NC you can just start it up every month or so during off peak riding times to blow any condensation out of the engine.

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    Sorry guys! I ended up getting crazy busy with work and everything got put on the back burner. I appreciate the responses and advice. I ended up just buying a brand new leftover 2019 RXTX300 so I wouldn't need to worry about the possible issues with buying used!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DR2006RXP View Post
    When sitting for several months and not winterized ( cylinders fogged ) water can really start doing its job
    Even in warm weather environments? I've never heard of the need to "winterize" a ski in areas that get no freezing temps.

    Could this damage occur if a warm weather ski sits for 12 months without being started?

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