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Thread: FX Freeflow.

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    FX Freeflow.

    Hi all.

    As i have wrote here many times, im putting a fx140 in a vx hull. And right now, im at end of the exhaused. Im missing the rubber bend from the waterlock to the watertank, so i figure. Lets make a freeflow instead. Its gonna be cheaper.

    But after reading about diffrent free flows this morning. Im not that convinced anymore. Some people say it waaay to loud and some barley notice any diffrent. Can i get your option on the sound diffrens. I dont wanna to make it alot louder.

    Im thinking about making mine like this, some member here did a good job so i borrow his image
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    I had an FX 140 even with the factory exhaust it was loud but it really sounded good. I could imagine the set up that you are looking at is going to be really loud.

    I bet that 140 makes the VX run really well

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    loud to one, may not be loud to another. i think you will have to decide for yourself. ive heard many on here say that the yamaha ex is loud once the exhuast silencer plate is removed, but we did one this past summer and to us, it just sounded fine, not too loud at all.

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    Thanks for your input. Well, i ordered things for the freeflow, mainly for is the cheapest option when i missing stock parts. So need to start with that and see.
    The question maybe is more like: How much louder is a FX140, with freeflow.
    I saw a video on youtube. A FX HO, with and without freeflow. And to my ears i couldent really hear that the freeflow was louder, just a diffrent and better sound

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    Topic has been beat to death in countless threads, and being this is a 140 in a vx hull makes no difference - outcome will be largely the same :
    "Yes" it will be louder - and if you are worried about overall noise on lakes and nearby quiet communities ... well, yes that will likely cause an issue. But if you like loud - you will still hate this mod - here's why ...
    Being louder is not the main issue why the basic free-flow is undesired by the greater community. It's resonance. End of the day, the engine is an instrument (as in musical), which generates a narrow a frequency range. The problem is that the free-flow (an even the thru-hull) mods amplify or should I say "un-supress" what the engineers deliberately solved and accomplished within the OEM exhaust system.
    FWIW, I run a thru-hull system I custom designed myself, yet ended up still adding a baffle device which both retains free flow straight paths for the gasses/coolant, yet reflects the sound waves back up the system for added cancellation characteristics. Documented here :
    The result turned-out better than expected, as now my eyeballs don't tend to want to resonate out of their sockets at 5K rpms peak harmonic.

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