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    Yamaha vxr upgrades

    Hi guys I was looking to get more power out of my 2017 Yamaha vxr. I have a thru hull exhaust by Riva and I知 going about 63 I知 trying to reach 70. Who do you think my next upgrade should be. I知 trying to do the upgrade my self so I知 not looking for anything crazy difficult.

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    70 mph (GPS) is a lot for the 2015+ hull with non-supercharged engine.

    The most straightforward method would be to sell the VXR and buy the SVHO supercharged GP1800. Same hull as VXR, more power. And much more responsive to performance upgrades.

    The non-supercharged 1.8 liter engine comes stock from Yamaha already nicely tuned. Aftermarket tune, hardware upgrades can provide incremental gains.

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    66-67 is pretty easily attainable. The air intake ribbon delete and ride plate will get you to that speed. Trying to get much more than 66-67 takes a lot of work on this ski and probably isn’t worth doing. If you want faster than that go for a supercharged ski

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    Install a 2019 OEM GP1800 ride plate....very easy to install more speed better handling.....just did it for my friend.....

    Inexpensive easy upgrade.


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    i use to own one and could only get about 65-67 out of it. i removed my intake manifold and removed my ribbon then ported the intake to match/transition the throttle body, installed a true cold air inlet that used the front storage bin as the inlet, installed hull vents, resonator delete on the exhaust, blueprinted the pump/intake and impeller and liquid filled the pump housing like the old sea doos, smoothed out the back end of the hull with silicone and i think used washers on the rear to kick the ride plate down a tad on the back. with a 1/4 tank, smooth water, cool morning air and the moon as far from earth as possible to gravity is at its least, i could hit 65-67 gps speed.

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    We have two over vx's over 70 built with the assistance of Dean's tunes and impeller. It's possible but I probably wouldn't do it again. The same work done to my Gp and I'm in 90's territory.

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