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    Couple of questions on a new FX SVHO - Cleats, trim etc.

    Got a new 2019 FX SVHO a few months ago and only had time to ride it a few times before having to put it in storage for the winter. For the next few months all I can do is think about riding it and I've come up with a few questions / thoughts. Going from a 1997 Sea Doo GTX and a 2006 Sea Doo 155 Wake so I'd expected to notice a tremendous improvement. Some things are much improved over the old ski's, other things not so much.

    1.) Non adjustable mirrors....really? Might as well not even have them.
    2.) Slow fill….to be honest I've only filled it on the trailer and after reading about the slow fill issues I filled it slowly and didn't have any issues. I'm a little worried however about how it will fill in the water.
    3.) Horribly inaccurate fuel'd think that would be something they figured out how to do well a long time ago. The fuel used seems to be right on, why not just have the system calculate the fuel level based on that and forget about the sending unit.
    4.) I got an FX Cruiser, not the limited so I've got 2 cleats not 4. I bought another two and plan to install them in the spring. Does anybody know how far back you can install them and still have proper clearance between the deck/hull joint so it can operate properly? The stock location of both the front and back cleats is more towards the middle of the machine. I'd like to install the rears as far aft as possible but need to figure out where that point is before clearance becomes an issue.
    5.) Towing, our 155 Wake towed a 4 person tube and 190 lb skier with no issues. Bump up the skier to 250 lbs and it couldn't do it. Looked like the scene in Grown up where Kevin James was holding the tow rope and bow of the boat would just get higher and higher the more throttle they gave it The SVHO clearly has a bigger diameter pump and a lot more power / acceleration.....but does it actually translate to more pulling power?
    6.) The steering adjustment was way off when we brought it home and first rode it. We only got to ride it 3-4 times but I finally got it dialed in. I'm wondering if the trim system should also be checked / aligned? I've read some reviews claiming the new model rides too much bow down and the aftermarket or modified ride plate raises the bow giving more speed. Can't you accomplish similar results by simply adjusting the trim system to provide more up and less down trim?
    7.) Impeller pitch. As much as I'm tempted to install the typical round of modifications my oldest child is starting College in the fall so I'm trying to be responsible and resist buying anything that isn't a new Waverunner I've been thinking about the rev limiter. If in stock form the SVHO has the power to turn the stock impeller faster than what its limited to...I think it's about 7800 right? Removing the rev limiter brings it to somewhere around 8200? So it's got a little power to spare and is being limited electronically in stock form. If the RPM's are limited but the engine has enough power can't you just go with a little more pitch? Turning a little more pitch at the same RPM would trade off some hole shot for more top end right? I'm very familiar with propping boats however there you just prop for peak power and don't have to worry about artificially low rev limiters.

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    No, no, and no to all your questions. Lol! Just yanking your chain a's the answer to your questions. You can set the rev limiter to whatever you like, but max RPM without valve train upgrades is 8650. When you reflash and reset the limiter, it can of course turn faster. The problem is that the stock prop becomes too tall, and needs to be pitched down to allow more RPM's. As your RPM's increase your supercharger makes more boost, which means your engine makes more HP. The supercharger output isnt linear, as RPM increases boost increases at a faster rate. Therefore, you must pitch your prop down to deliver more RPM to make more boost to make more speed. a nutshell....rev limiter to 8500, pitch prop to 18, ribbon delete, power filter, and TJ's exhaust mod will probably put you about where you want to be. Bumping 80mph.

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