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    Thumbs up 1.8l oil pan clearances

    Iím new to this forum and looking for some measurements for my build.
    I have a mini jet boat project on the go and I will be using a 2013-2016 1.8 supercharged Yamaha as a donor ski.

    My question is does anyone know the measurements from the bottom of the oil pan to the Center of the output shaft?
    I just need to make sure it will fit up to my pump housing with no issues before I buy the ski.

    Thanks Troy

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    I do not have the measurement info, but IIRC the Yamaha engine is mounted at a slight downward angle (towards the rear) in the Waverunner. So the spacing between crank shaft centerline and the oil pan bottom surface may vary between the front and the rear.

    There is a hard rubber pad directly under the engine center near the front. In addition to the four engine mounts.

    BTW, are you aware of the timing chain upgrade which occured starting with the (I think it is) 2016 SVHO engine?

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    Yes I have have seen alot of talk around it and would be leaning towards a 2013 as they seem to be some what problem free. I see that the motor sits on 2 rubber pads on the bottom of the ski but I cant do that in this boat as when you smash the bottom with rocks it will hit the oil pan and knock it all out of alignment. I would be looking for 1/2 -3/4" clearance thats why I'm looking for that measurment.

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