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    Ski purchase help - 2006 Seadoo wake

    Good afternoon everyone, a friend of mine that is a member on this forum recommended me come in here for some help. Iím looking at a 2006 Seadoo wake with 49hrs on it. I donít really know much about it other than the specs on it. I would like to know of any issues that come with owning one of these or things to look for when I go look at it. Thank you all in advance and look forward to learning a lot on here.

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    49 hours may sound good, but PWC's generally don't like to sit around not being ridden.

    You will need to do all the normal checks when buying a PWC.

    1. Has the oil ever been changed?
    2. How old is the gas in it?

    The non supercharged 4 stroke SeaDoo engines are very reliable.

    I would remove the old fuel, change the oil and spark plugs and give it a water test.

    You want to make sure it runs well, gauge functions work, it accelerates smoothly, check the steering and reverse cables to ensure they're not sticking, seat isn't ripped/worn, etc.

    Go to Youtube and search for how to buy a pwc or jetski...plenty of vids out there.

    When in doubt, pay to have a dealer give it a pre purchase inspection.

    In my area, that ski retails for about $3500 without trailer.

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    Ok thank you.

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    I would be concerned about the valves, some of the 06's came with the hollow exhaust valves.

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    The Gti is the best selling model of all time. Tons of them out there and it's a very good ski to boot. Sporty but stable, plenty of power for towing or the top end rush if you need that. But docile and putts around all day.
    I bought a "like new" 07 last spring with 69? hrs on it. Low hrs can be a concern but not if it's been properly tended to.
    Mine got used every summer when the kids came home for 2 weeks, then serviced in the fall. THOSE are gems to find.

    Mine is the 130, 155 is the same motor with more top end power. I wish mine was the wake as I'm going to learn to foil this summer and it would be nice.
    Get it checked out by a reputable shop and then go have a lot of fun on that sucker.

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