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Thread: 3up extension.

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    3up extension.

    Iíve got a Ď18 2up (which I might eventually want to add the 3 up extension to).
    In the fall I bought a Ď18 3up as well and noticed that the extension doesnít seal tight to the hull. So, I guess water sits in parts of the 3up extension not filled by the 3 styrofoam pieces ?
    Do those foam pieces sit snugly in place or move around ?
    Would there be any advantage in filling all the empty spaces in the extension with spray foam & and maybe sealing the extension to the hull ? I do realize this would make future disassembly more difficult

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    I just added the 3UP hull extension to my 2UP, I also noticed that it's not a sealed compartment and water will enter but the styrofoam parts fit very snug so I don't think I would bother to do anything extra. And it's the way all 3UP's come from the factory. A very easy and straight forward installation otherwise.

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