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    2011 VX 1100 - Failed Engine Mounts - again...

    Hi, newbie looking for advice, hope that's OK.

    My VX 1100 had a top end rebuild - the whole block was out at one point. They put it back on the orginal mounts (a 2011 ski) and after about 7 hours the rear mounts failed. Back into the repair shop, 4 new mounts fitted a few months ago. Maybe another 15 hours on the clock and 3 out of 4 of the new mounts failed. I don't know if they will warranty the repair - just wondering if anyone could suggest a reason, apart from a bad batch of mounts. Engine not properly aligned when put back in maybe? Cheers.

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    What exactly is failing? The engine mount hardware itself or the hull attachment points for the mounts?

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    Sounds odd.

    You might consider Rhaas mounts:

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