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    2010 gtx155 IBR PROBLEMS

    Had my GTX serviced at the dealership after engine light coming on and dropping the throttle out. Took it out for a spin and now the IBR light pops up, the engine light comes on and goes into limp mode.

    Restarting it clears it all for a couple of minutes and every thing works fine, get up to speed and it all happens again - lights on and then derates to 5000rpm!!!!

    Dealership recons only a new IBR unit will solve the problem- but it still works fine for a minute or two and then turns to cr*p.

    Any ideas - can I remove the IBR system all together?? Has it been done???


    So after a bit of research and a think about it I took the battery out to check all the terminals on the power and earth cables. A bit dirty and black corrosion but nothing major, so I took the battery in for a proper load test and boom - she is only 48% serviceable meaning just about useless !! While I have the ski in pieces I thought I'll pull the "non serviceable" IBR unit out and open it up. Well no water in the electrical side of things only rust on the outside of the motor itself.
    Cleaned it all up waiting for the paint to dry and will be re-installing it this weekend to see if a cleanup and new battery does the trick.

    Here is hoping the dealer was wrong and all is well !!
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    Do you ride your GTX in the ocean? If so the salt tends to corrode the pivot points on the IBR bucket and they get very stiff and that will cause the IBR light to come on, if you didn't want the IBR to work at all and you don't care about neutral or reverse you could pull the fuse when the IBR bucket is in the up position

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    Had a spark at the shop last summer, with same problem . I found that the harness coming from handle bar has a square plug at front of motor, that plug when snapped together can be pulled apart just a little. And cause this problem. I used 2 zip-ties on connector to hold it together. Fixed problem.

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