Hey maybe somebody can help me out my 97 Polaris SLT 780 takes forever to start after it sits for a couple days once it starts it idles fine and I can run mid throttle once I get it in the water and run It Wide Open it shuts off and has to sit for about 2 minutes. Then we'll start right back up and run fine until I hit wide open throttle again. Then it dies in the same thing all over. All three cylinders are fully rebuilt carbs are fully rebuilt. Just for the time being the gray wire is also unplugged so I don't get any shutdowns from sensors. I also I'm not building any pressure inside the fuel tank my inline filter is full of fuel at all times but it seems like at wide open throttle it runs out of gas and just completely dies like you pulled the lanyard. At any given time when you crack the gas cap open there is no pressure or any hiss. Could all this be from a pinhole air leak at one of my lines at the top of the sending unit or the sending unit gasket itself being bad or a bad gas cap?? Any help is very much appreciated thank you