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    SCOM and Reflash?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you can have both at the same time installed. The SCOM and an ECU Reflash. Will one override the other? I was debating as to which one to get. My dealer says that if I get the SCOM override ( He could sell and install it for me ) and it doesnít void my warranty. Then I asked him about an ECU Reflash which does the same thing but with a lot more options he says he doesnít do that and it would void my warranty. Iím only looking to do a stage 1, but I would like more top speed then only the SCOM. Your input, thanks.

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    Interested in this as well. I am about to buy a maptuner, but I already have a SCOM. Curious if the ski will use the reflash while starting the ski in sport mode or not. If not, I may just remove it.

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    Once you flash the scom is useless. Even with the scom you still have to toggle to sport mode. I do everytime i turn mine on.

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    The SCOM is not needed once you reflash the ECU as the reflash eliminates the speed limiter.

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