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    Painting the front storage bin cover and hood under the handlebars

    My 1997 hood has faded a lot and it appears to be abs plastic along with the top hood. I am temped to remove and sand and paint but I am not a professional. Any suggestions? Since it is ABS plastic I think a need a paint that is not going to crack and peel if the cover or hood flexes slightly compared to a metal piece. I have a spray gun I could use but I don't want to make it worse. Rest of the ski is in very nice condition...just the hood is discolored. Applying heat to the hood does not bring the color back (does on Seadoos though). thanks

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    Not sure about your ski, but a lot of the hull parts are made from colored plastic with a layer of clearcoat. Paint might not hold up very well.

    Why not shop around for good clean parts? A lot of people part out skis, but the hull parts don't sell that well. It might be cheaper and easier to replace rather than re-paint.

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    I doubt that itís abs. Itís probably the same material car bumpers are made from. With proper prep and paint products it can be successfully painted. You could also look at having it vinyl wrapped

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